When a disaster strikes, people want to help. One thing those affected by the disaster don't need is the logistical nightmare that is created when a surge of unsolicited donations pour into their communities and overwhelm those tasked with recovery. This phenomenon is often referred to as the "second disaster."


If you'd really like to get involved, before or after a disaster, here are some ways to do so:


Donate Cash

Click here to donate cashThe Aidmatrix Donations Management Network helps connect donors with members of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster as well as additional organizations active in disaster relief. Click here to view a list of possible donation recipients, where you can link directly to their websites and give locally.


Donate Goods

Click here to donate goods in Iowa.Aidmatrix's donations portal lists needs for specific states and territories. Companies and organizations can match an existing need, or make a general offer donation. If you are a company or an organization with access to large volumes of items that you wish to donate to Iowans in need, click here.