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Here you will find some resources for you to use on your own websites, social media, or printed materials to promote preparedness for individuals, families, and organizations. Some items (e.g., posters) can be personalized with your own logos and information. All graphics are available in ZIP file. Scroll down to the bottom of the opened tab and click the "download" button.


Facebook cover images are now displayed at 828x315 pixels on desktop computers and 640x360 on smartphones. The images created and posted here for Facebook are twice the size necessary so they appear more crisp on Facebook, as Facebook's compression will degrade the overall quality of the image when it is uploaded.


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Logo/graphics usage guidelines and file information


Do not use HSEMD's or Ready Iowa's name, logos, or graphics

  • In a manner unrelated to the mission of HSEMD or Ready Iowa.
  • In connection with any obscene or pornographic materials.
  • In any way that is disparaging, defamatory, or libelous to Iowa HSEMD, Ready Iowa, or affiliated organizations, or any of these organizations' products or services, or any person or entity.


  • Do not edit or change the colors or dimensions.
  • Do not add extraneous effects or attempt to recreate them.

If you have questions about the proper usage of these logos and graphics, or to obtain a file format other than one provided here, please email us.


What file type should I use?


File formats included in these ZIP files include JPEG and PNG, and sometimes PDF and EPS.


JPEG/JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) files are "raster" files that are widely supported and that work in almost any program. Raster files cannot be made larger than 100 percent of their original size without distorting them. JPEG files do not support transparency (background).


PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files are also raster files, but they do not lose quality when compressed. PNG files are best used for the Web or computer-based designs (not for print) and maintain a transparent background.


PDF (Portable Document Format) files retain the original appearance, layout, and print quality regardless of the program that created the file. PDF are ideal for printing. A user must have at least Adobe Reader (available for free on Adobe's website) to view the image.


EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files are "vector" files, meaning they can be resized without losing image quality. EPS files are the best choice for anything professionally or screen printed (although sometimes printers will ask for other formats, like PDF).


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Ready Iowa logo pack


Ready Iowa button logo 1

Ready Iowa button logo 2

Ready Iowa logo - state only
Ready Iowa logo - long
Download ZIP file with logos